How to clean off ashes

How to clean off ashes

According to the statistics the burned pans or frying pans win first place in the list of most widespread culinary "troubles". But that often it is necessary to face burning of porridges or milk ways of cleaning of the burned ware from various metals are known for a long time.

It is required to you

  • - salt;
  • - baking soda;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - activated carbon;
  • - soft and rigid sponge.


1. Fill in pan bottom with cold water, fill half-glass of salt and distribute it evenly on bottom. Let's this solution stand several hours. After time, depending on the reached effect, remove the remains of the burned food by means of soft or rigid sponge.

2. Pour hot water that it has closed all burned places into pan, put in it spoon of baking soda and leave for hour to stand. After that within 30 minutes boil on slow fire. Remove ashes with sponge.

3. Fill up pan bottom with salt mix with soda, slightly you primochit water and leave for day to stand, having covered pan. If ashes have not lagged behind, fill in in pan water with fresh sodo-salt mix and boil within five minutes.

4. Pour water into the burned pan and boil it. For removal of the remains of food and ashes use sponge and laundry soap.

5. If in pan has burned milk, take activated carbon, shatter it in powder, put on bottom of the burned ware and from above fill in with water. Let's stand within 10-15 minutes then, having used soft sponge, wash out pan.

6. When cleaning pans from stainless steel do not use abrasive cleaning powders. For cleaning take salt, but be careful as, having filled up salt in cold water, you can find dark stains at the bottom of pan.

7. When cleaning aluminum ware do not apply cleaning powders and pastes, acid and alkaline medicines, they spoil aluminum. For cleaning of aluminum use soda.

8. To clean off pig-iron frying pan from ashes, heat it. Until it has cooled down, clean it I will merge slightly impregnated with water. If not to heat frying pan, then then it will be very difficult to be cleaned.

9. The easiest to clean ware with the intact teflon covering from ashes. Fill in it for half an hour with water and then properly to propolosnita.

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