How to clean off pan from deposit

How to clean off pan from deposit

During long operation the ware in which food is constantly cooked loses initial gloss. And sometimes because of carelessness of the young hostess, in the course of cooking inside and outside the deposit can be formed. If modern chemical means could not cope with problem, then the checked and safe national methods will help to clean off pan from deposit

To clean off pan from deposit and to return it initial crystal gloss it is possible by means of simple and available means. The choice of suitable method depends on material of which the pan and also from the nature of pollution is made

How to clean the enameled pan

It is impossible to clean the enameled pan by means of abrasive means and metal brushes as it can break integrity of enamel, in such pan food will burn. Wait until the pan with the burned food completely cools down, and only then start cleaning. The hot enameled pan cannot be put at once under cool water, from temperature drop enamel on surface can be damaged.

Cleaning by means of hydrochloric solution

  • Dissolve 6-7 tablespoons of table salt in water liter.
  • Fill in with this salt solution the polluted pan and leave at several o'clock.
  • To accelerate process and to remove old deposit, put pan with hydrochloric solution on fire and boil 40 minutes on small fire.

Cleaning by soda

  • Dissolve 50 grams of soda in 2 liters of hot water.
  • Pour out the received soda solution in pan and leave for the night.
  • Next day merge solution and wash pan soft sponge and means for washing of ware.

Cleaning by citric acid

  • Pour into pan water almost to the brim.
  • Dissolve bag of citric acid in water.
  • Bring to boiling and let's prokipet to solution of 20-25 minutes on slow fire.
  • Merge solution and wash pan. This way will help to remove effectively not only deposit, but also yellow raid of scum on walls of the enameled pan.

How to clean aluminum pan

Pans from aluminum enjoy deserved popularity. They quickly and evenly heat up, in them it is convenient and easy to prepare. But aluminum pans very quickly become soiled and lose initial gloss.

Cleaning by vinegar solution

  • To clean off pan from deposit, prepare solution with vinegar at the rate of 4 tablespoons of 9% vinegar on water liter.
  • Pour solution in the polluted aluminum pan and put on fire.
  • Bring to boiling and you hold on fire of 40 minutes.
  • Carefully wash out pan.

Cleaning by means of activated carbon

  • Activated carbon perfectly helps to remove deposit from the boiled-away milk.
  • Crush packing of tablets of activated carbon in powder.
  • Fill powder on bottom of dirty saucepan and leave for 30 minutes.
  • Pour a little water and leave for half an hour.
  • Wash pan normal cleaning agent.

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