How to clean off teapot

How to clean off teapot

The scum is white limy raid which is formed on heating coil of teapot – spiral or disk. At the high content of salts in water firm deposits of scum appear. Water, as we know, quite rigid also contains a number of similar substances in our regions therefore quite often the interior of teapot horrifies us. And as the limy raid which gets to our mug does irreparable harm to health, it is worth thinking of way of cleaning of teapot by means of make-shifts.

It is required to you

  • - Citric acid,
  • - acetic essence,
  • - baking soda,
  • - Sprite or Coca-Cola drinks.


1. To clean teapot from layer of scale, you will need citric acid. Pour full teapot water, add couple of bags of citric acid and put to be boiled. Let's stand before full cooling, after that drain water from teapot. Carefully wash under flowing water, again gather waters and put to be boiled. Then again merge liquid to get rid of residues of citric acid.

2. There is nonconventional way of cleaning of teapot by means of "Sprite" or "Coca-Cola". Fill in one of the listed drinks inside and put teapot on fire - before boiling. Then switch off fire and leave drinks in capacity before full cooling. Then merge lemonade and wash teapot sponge from within. All scum will descend, the teapot will become as new. Before pouring out lemonade in teapot, produce from it gas and fill only a half of teapot.

3. Fill in 200 ml of acetic acid of 70% (essence) in three-liter teapot, add waters to completeness of teapot. Leave this solution for 8-10 hours, periodically you bring teapot to boiling that contents were always in hot state. After that carefully wash teapot cleanser and rinse with water. Pour water in teapot and once again boil, merge everything. Your teapot shines purity again. If in it there was still scum, the procedure can be repeated.

4. Pour full teapot water and boil. Add baking soda in the ratio of 2 tablespoons on 1 liter of water and you boil within 30 minutes. Drain soda solution and fill in clear water, add 0.5 glasses of acetic essence and you boil within 20 minutes. After this procedure the scum in teapot will become friable, it can be removed by means of normal sponge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team