How to clean off the enameled pan

How to clean off the enameled pan

Sometimes in kitchen smells not only tasty food, but also ashes. Not always the cause is carelessness of the hostess. A lot of things depend also on the ware. For example, in the enameled pan food burns more often than in aluminum and it is more difficult to get rid of ashes.


1. Not to spend time for thorough washing of the burned ware, cook porridges in aluminum pans. The enameled ware is suitable for preparation of soups or liquid dishes more, and grain and puree in it quickly burns. How to get rid of ashes? Pour hot water into pan and generously add cleaning agent, it is better liquid. Leave for hour or so - another, and then drain water and wash dishes.

2. If ashes have descended not completely, pour water again, add cleanser and put pan on slow fire. When water begins to heat up, try to poskoblit accurately bottom wooden blade as though something you stir slowly. Without bringing to boiling, drain water and wash up pan in the normal way. During washing use sponge as the metal bast can leave scratches.

3. When cleansers do not help, use soda. Take pan, deeper and wide by the sizes, pour water into it and dissolve couple of tablespoons of soda. Then in this solution put the burned pan and boil. After that wash up "affected" pan cleanser.

4. Instead of soda cleans the enameled ware from the burned food salt. Pour water into pan so that she hid the burned edges, then add several tablespoons of salt. Leave hydrochloric solution at several o'clock, one night better. Then boil it in the same pan then wash up it cleanser.

5. And that there is no smell left of the burned food, use not air freshener, and acetic solution. Pour water into pan, add several drops of vinegar and boil. After that carefully air the room, having opened wide open all windows. That none of house have caught a cold on draft, during airing it is better to leave the house for 15-20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team