How to clean off wax from carpet

How to clean off wax from carpet

Any hostess pays special attention to condition of carpets in the house. So there is a wish that pure, soft and fluffy pile remained such always. Therefore any pollution of carpet needs to be taken seriously. Especially if it is the wax spots. House party or even silent family dinner by candlelight can become source of similar trouble. The most important when cleaning carpet from the wax spots is not to grab the first means. Otherwise the result can upset you. How to clean off wax, without having spoiled carpet?

It is required to you

  • - knife;
  • - dense album paper or cardboard;
  • - scissors;
  • - iron;
  • - spray for freezing;
  • - the absorbing fabric;
  • - soft brush;
  • - liquid detergent.


1. After hit of wax on carpet you do not hurry to wipe it in the same second something that will come to hand. Hot wax will only be smeared on carpet, and you should clear of him big surface of covering as a result. Try not to flatten out also the wax spot not to press it even more deeply into pile. Let's wax cool down and harden.

2. Carpets with rigid dense pile are less subject to the impact of harmful effects, unlike fluffy and dlinnovorsny carpets. Therefore if the affected carpet not of white color also has rigid pile, use method of "hot" removal of wax. For a start not sharp knife cut off top of the wax spot from carpet, strongly without pressing not to damage pile.

3. Take the sheet of dense album paper or cardboard and cut in the middle scissors opening with a diameter at 3-4 mm more, than the wax spot. The sizes of the leaf have to be time in two more bases of your iron. Turn on the iron and heat it to temperature of ironing of synthetic fabrics. Impose piece of well absorbing fabric on the wax spot. On fabric place paper template, at the same time carefully compare the cut opening with the wax spot. Iron the iron the fabric closing spot within 5-8 seconds. You watch that the iron did not adjoin to carpet, and wax did not stick together with fabric. After fabric livelihood wax, remove paper template and fabric.

4. It is not desirable to subject fluffy carpets with long pile to processing by the iron, there is high probability to spoil covering. Therefore use alternative means of cleaning by means of freezing of the wax spot. Make the same paper template with circle in the middle as it is described above and impose it on spot. Apply on spot special spray for freezing, direct its stream precisely to the polluted site of carpet. After freezing of the processed site remove paper and accurately break spot blunt object into small splinters. They will fly away from pile. Carefully vacuum the polluted site of carpet.

5. After cleaning of the wax spot by means of soft brush wash with liquid detergent separately the place of pollution, and then and all carpet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team