How to clean opal glass

How to clean opal glass

The opal glass is widely used for production of interroom doors and also for coverings of kitchen table-tops in modern headsets. But to keep its attractive look, it is necessary to look after glass correctly. The most difficult is its cleaning as many children leave marks of greasy fingers with which it is not so simple to cope. As it is correct to clean opal glass and what means to choose for this purpose?

It is required to you

  • - means for cleaning of glasses;
  • - soft fabric;
  • - microfibre rag;
  • - plastic or wooden palette;
  • - soap solution;
  • - alcohol or acetone.


1. The opal glass, unlike glossy, has rough surface. Therefore it becomes soiled quicker and takes unattractive form. During cleaning of opaque surfaces do not apply at all cleansers which part silicone or fluorine is. It is also not recommended to use strong alkaline means and acids, especially hydrofluoric acid.

2. Traces from greasy and oil-containing substances leave on opal glass of spot with shadow effect which can try to be removed by means of special means for cleaning of glasses. At very gross contaminations it is worth making damp cleaning with use of abundant amount of water. At the same time use the plastic or wooden palette, sponge or suede to glasses, household spraying cleaner or napkin.

3. If on opal glass there are no hardly removed pollution, such as grease fingerprints or drops of fat, then quite will be enough for full purification of warm water with soap solution. Accurately wipe glass with soft fabric, it is abundant the wetted in soap solution. After that wash opaque surface clear water and wipe dry by means of microfibre fabric. Do not apply abrasive cleaning powders.

4. Old spots from office glue, coffee or tea can be eliminated by means of alcohol or acetone. At the same time you watch that in the course of cleaning silicone sealants have not suffered. After application of one of these means, carefully wash up glass clear water and wipe to dry state.

5. For removal of the dried-up spots of various origin it is possible to achieve good results, using at the same time special devices for cleaning with steam with constant and continuous suction. After that it will be necessary to wipe opal glass with clean rag dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team