How to clean oven

How to clean oven

If in kitchen there is oven, then with bigger share of probability it is used, at least, at least once in week. It is very convenient to prepare in oven, but as a result of operation over time it can become soiled so strongly that normal washing it becomes impossible to bring it to primitive state.

It is required to you

  • - water
  • - spray for cleaning of oven
  • - baking soda
  • - vinegar


1. Fat splashes, the spread cheese, the melted sugar under the influence of high temperatures so strongly burn to oven surface that they cannot be scratched off even knife, without speaking about softer means. Some modern ovens possess the built-in system of pyrolysis, their internal walls are capable to heat up so strongly that dirt on them burns down and is showered with small soot. But also in these furnaces the baking sheets and grids should be cleaned manually.

2. If you could find in sale special cleaner for oven, you were lucky. Include oven that it has heated up to 50 °C, no more. Open door, shake up bottle with detersive, spray foam on the oven walls. Be careful if in oven the integral fan, cover its opening with plastic bag not to wet contacts.

3. Wait time specified on bottle with means, wash away residues of foam and the dirt which has lagged behind oven clear water with small addition of soap. Work in gloves, do not forget to open window for airing of the room.

4. If you categorically against application in kitchen of aggressive chemicals, try to remove dirt in more harmless way. Dissolve in cup solution of acetic acid in the ratio with water 1:1. Dip ordinary rag in solution, moisten with it well oven walls. Take baking soda, strew with it the become soiled places, leave for a short time for influence.

5. The hydrogen which is emitted as a result of reaction of vinegar with soda is absolutely harmless, but it helps to remove even the most caustic dirt from oven walls. In conclusion wash out oven warm soapsuds and it will begin to shine again as new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team