How to clean pig-iron frying pan

How to clean pig-iron frying pan

On pig-iron surface often there are particles of the burned food which are better for deleting at once. In use at the bottom of frying pan there are spots of yellowish color which gradually become dark and turn into strong black crusts.

It is required to you

  • - soda
  • - office glue
  • - coarse table salt


1. Wash up pig-iron frying pan. Using normal means for washing of ware, wash out frying pan and carefully rinse.

2. Warm up frying pan. To clean pig-iron frying pan it is necessary to calcinate it. Kindle plate, choosing the widest and powerful ring. Put frying pan and well warm up it within several minutes. After warming up the frying pan will begin to smoke is indicator that the burned greasy remains have begun to burn out. You hold frying pan on fire until it is not cleaned – it depends on pollution level.

3. Cool frying pan. Do not fill in pig-iron frying pan with cold water, it can damage its integrity. Give to frying pan will cool down independently.

4. Clean frying pan right after use. Warm frying pan and clean it sponge with the washing structure, deleting the stuck pollution. After softening of frying pan wipe it dry as the remained soapsuds can become the reason of emergence of rust at the bottom of frying pan.

5. Boil pig-iron frying pan in big pan. Take the capacity of the big sizes (pan, bucket, boiling extraction), place pig-iron frying pan there, fill in with water. Add pack of soda and 2 tubes of office glue to pan. Bring everything to boiling, boil during couple of hours and switch off fire. Leave frying pan in pan before water cooling. Get frying pan, wash out it cleaning agent and rinse several times. Wipe frying pan.

6. Calcinate pig-iron frying pan with salt. It is possible to clean pig-iron frying pan in the way on plate, having filled layer of coarse table salt on its bottom. After emergence of smoke over frying pan, remove it from fire and wipe bottom tissue.

7. Clean frying pan on naked flame. Make fire, put pan there, having removed all plastic parts and burn it from all directions within several hours. All pollution will disappear, having separated from pig-iron surface.

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