How to clean pig-iron frying pan from deposit

How to clean pig-iron frying pan from deposit

Quite often when cooking in frying pan there is deposit which is very difficult for removing with normal crockery bast. What to do in such cases? Let's consider process of cleaning of frying pan step by step, having described each stage a little in more detail.

It is required to you

  • - means for washing of ware
  • - soda
  • - wire bast
  • - rubber gloves


1. The first step - destruction of density of connection of frying pan and deposit. That to clean pig-iron frying pan from deposit, at first it is necessary to put it in boiled water to reduce a little durability of connection of deposit with frying pan. It is desirable to add to such water small amount of means for washing of ware. It helps at destruction of this communication too. And even better soda copes with this task.

2. The second stage, actually, friction to tell more precisely, deposit otdiraniye. For it it is necessary to take special wire bast. On it it is necessary to pour a little cleaning agent then under hot water jet it is diligent to rub frying pan, thereby literally tearing off deposit. After that it is worth wiping frying pan with normal bast for ware, using abundant quantity of cleaning agent to get rid of fat which remained after deposit. On completion of this process we wash frying pan hot water, thereby finally removing fat.

3. More easily and just it is possible to clean pig-iron frying pan from deposit with use of special cleaning agents which literally dissolve this deposit. Such means expensive and very toxic (at application it is recommended to use gloves), but quite effective and demand less time and efforts to cleaning. The main thing – after application of such chemistry properly to wash frying pan with water.

4. From these two ways first longer also demands great efforts, but on money will be costs cheaper, and still it is much safer. The second way faster and convenient, but more expensive, it is also necessary to deal with acid substances that poses threat for your health. It is worth choosing method depending on the available volume of time, means, quantities of deposit and other factors. Your choice completely depends on your preferences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team