How to clean plastic windows

How to clean plastic windows

After replacement of old windows by new plastic, you should not forget about due leaving and timely cleaning. There is a number of service regulations and recommendations about care for windows from metalplastic, but they are quite simple and do not demand special work. Pay them necessary attention, and they will serve to you not one decade.

It is required to you

  • - Soap solution or special means for washing of plastic windows,
  • - linen rag,
  • - soft napkin,
  • - scraper for cleaning of ceramic.


1. To begin to care for plastic windows it is necessary at once after their installation. The protective film needs to be removed at once after completion of all installation works, do not leave at all. Special adhesive substance which is subject to negative impact of sunshine is part of film. If you have not removed film in time, subsequently it will be not so simple to remove it how it seems to you.

2. Soften film by means of the construction hair dryer or use special scraper for cleaning of cooking products and ceramic plates. Pick up edge of scraper film and disconnect small pieces from plastic. It was necessary to wash frames warm soap solution or means for cleaning of plastic profiles. Use linen rag, pound solution on all surface of window and wait before full drying. Remove the formed soap film with wet towel wipes. After that wipe all sealants with damp rag, and then dry.

3. For cleaning of plastic frames it is possible to use special means for care for plastic or normal soap solution. You should not apply cleansers with the content of solvents, acids, acetone and abrasive substances. The special cleaning and cleaning agents can be got in the company selling plastic windows. Apply soap solution on window casement surface with soft napkin then wash away warm water and wipe dry. Do not allow drawing scratches and blows on PVC.

4. Thanks to smooth surface, plastic windows quite easily wash. For cleaning of window profile of rather warm water and cleaning agents. Do not use the powder and cleaning grinding means at all, otherwise the surface of window will become rough. Marking which was put during production of window – felt-tip pen or the handle can be removed by means of the same means for washing of ware. Use of nitrostructures and gasoline is forbidden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team