How to clean plate in house conditions

How to clean plate in house conditions

Gas-fire the irreplaceable assistant in kitchen of each hostess. Daily she participates in cooking process therefore she is soiled and on her greasy spots appear.

Not always there is time for washing of plate, meanwhile dirt collects and to wash it to become serious problem. On counters of shops it is possible to meet set of various economic means, but if desired it is possible to resort to folk remedies and to wash plate make-shifts which will always be in kitchen. 

 Baking soda, salt, vinegar, or citric acid perfectly will be suitable for these purposes

Starting washing of plate, we remove grids. As a rule, they are the plate which is the most polluted by part. In order that the deposit from grid has easily departed, she can be killed in warm soapsuds at several o'clock. It is necessary in order that the layer of deposit was softened. Further mechanically we wash pollution. 

It is possible to use in a different way fight against deposit on grids. These purposes require ammonia solution. It possesses pungent smell therefore during the work with it it is necessary to put on mask and gloves and to open window for airing. We wipe grid with ammonia and we place it in plastic bag, having densely tied. It is necessary to wash grid not earlier than in 2 hours. Dirt has to depart easily, we wipe grid with soap solution. 

If grid pig-iron, then for its cleaning it is possible to use roasting method. For this purpose it is necessary to hold grid over naked flame of plate or to use blow torch. 

To wash plate surface, having spent for it minimum of forces, she needs to be killed previously soap solution. After that we apply gruel from baking soda on the surface of pollution and we leave for half an hour. We wipe plate surface with sponge and we wash away residues of soda. It Sodayavlyatsya by good abrasive structure which does not damage surface when cleaning. If desired it can be replaced with mustard powder

If pollution very strong can come to the rescue of soda vinegar. It will enhance efficiency of soda and will help to cope even with the most impressive spots of dirt and deposit.

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