How to clean pond

Summer - that time when any citizen reaches for the nature, for greens and, of course, for reservoirs. Especially it is worth envying those at whom the seasonal dacha or rural grounds are located near pond. However, though natural reservoir - the phenomenon convenient and attractive, but very choosy. It is worth starting a little it as you already after a while instead of transparent water smooth surface will have the reservoir which has become covered with green ooze. As to clean pond?


1. It is impossible to tell that if your pond has become covered by greens and "has blossomed", it already forever. Today practically at choice it is possible to find a number of cleaning systems in any large shopping center which specializes in gardening truck farming. The special filter and normal net – here the main devices if you have decided to bring order to pond with own hand. The first device will allow to pull out from reservoir bottom small particles (including plants), and by means of net it is easy to clean also surface.

2. If your reservoir has artificial framework, then it is possible to clean its bottom from various impurity and by means of so-called vacuum vacuum cleaners which instead of air will just involve dirty water.

3. If you do not want to spend the whole day in pond, having rolled up sleeves and catching alga net, it is possible to use also some other ways of cleaning. For example, there is method of chemical cleaning of pond. The essence of this way comes down to dissolution of organic particles and seaweed by means of chemical filler which, being submerged in water, gives the corresponding reaction.

4. However, in case besides unnecessary seaweed in your pond flaunt and the plants which are specially placed there for appearance, then dry-cleaner should be postponed. But it is possible to try to clean reservoir by means of ultraviolet. After use of special obezzarazhivatel all microorganisms and bacteria will be liquidated by ultraviolet rays. Similar devices are available on counters of specialized shops also now. Whatever way you have chosen, it is worth remembering that it is similar to other spheres of your economy, the pond also requires permanent care and care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team