How to clean products from gold

How to clean products from gold

Gold over time it loses the faultless and noble look: jewelry darkens, becomes dim, on them there is raid and dirt accumulates. Of course, it is always possible to address professionals from jewelry workshops which will clean your ring or chain. But it is possible to return to gold initial gloss and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agent,
  • - ammonia solution,
  • - vaseline or vegetable oil,
  • - chalk powder, either corundum, or magnesia,
  • - alcohol or vodka,
  • - soft cotton fabric.


1. At first try to purify gold, its washout properly. In hot water (its temperature has to be more than 50 degrees) dissolve cleaning agent – soap, laundry detergent, liquid means for washing of ware or shampoo. Lower gold product in the washing solution and leave for one or one and a half hours. After this time clean off sodden dirt by means of sponge, Q-tips or soft brush. It will easily depart even in hard-to-reach spots. Be careful with gold of high test – the rigid bristle can scratch them. Properly wash out ornament under stream of flowing water and dry.

2. The spots on gold which have appeared as a result of oxidation of the additives which are part of metal can be removed by means of ammonia (ammonia solution). For this purpose you need solution by concentration not lower than 25%. It can be got in pharmacy. Pour ammonia in small capacity and place in it gold jewelry for two-three hours or for the night then wash out.

3. If the chemical way of cleaning has not helped – mekhnichesky can use. But here special approach is required: gold after all soft metal, and abrasives can scratch it. It is possible to buy special paste for purification of gold or to make it independently, having mixed vaseline or vegetable oil with powder of chalk, white magnesia or corundum. Ready mix has to have consistence of dense sour cream. It is possible to use for this purpose and toothpaste. Take small amount of such cleaning paste on soft fabric of type of flannel and accurately wipe product. After cleaning withdraw the remains of cleanser, having washed out ornament vodka or alcohol (it will remove fat component).

4. Also there is mass of "national" ways of cleaning of products from gold. For example, it is possible to wipe ornament with the soft rag, the wetted in mix of egg white and beer. Or to moisten product with vinegar or onions juice – and then to wash out and polish with flannel. And it is possible to use lipstick for gold polish – powder of dioxide of the titan which is excellent cleanser is its part.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team