How to clean ring with stone

How to clean ring with stone

It is more difficult to clean ring with stone, than simple ring as stones can deteriorate from some cleaning agents. Some stones do not love humidity therefore traditional ways of house cleaning of jewelry, such as soaking, do not suit them.

  • Q-tips
  • Cologne
  • Alcohol
  • Gasoline
  • Soap solution

1. The easiest way to clean ring with stone not to damage it, it to use cologne and Q-tips. Moisten stick in cologne and accurately wipe ring and stone. If pollution small, then the ring easily is cleaned.

2. Old and difficult fat spots from ring can be cleaned by means of alcohol. Moisten in it flannel rag and accurately wipe ring and stone. It is so possible to remove even the oldest pollution which not to clean with normal cologne. But do not submerge ring in alcohol or other liquid at all if the stone is pasted. Probability is high that glue will be damaged and if the stone does not fall off at once, then can separate then, and you will not even notice it.

3. The fat film which was fixed on stone can also be removed by means of gasoline and soft rag.

4. The way of cleaning depends as well on the level of hardness of the stone. Such stones as emerald, beryl, diamond, quartz, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine and topaz have rather big coefficient of hardness, 5 or above. If on your ring stone with high hardness, then you can use solution of laundry detergent. It is necessary to clean ring with soft fabric or rags.

5. If the stone hardness coefficient on your ring less than 5, or it is definitely not known to you, then it is better not to risk. It is possible to wash such stones only with soap solution then to rinse, wipe and dry up. Malachite, apatite, moonstone, opal, turquoise and others belong to "soft" stones.

6. Some stones, such as diamonds, quickly become covered by fat spots therefore it is necessary to wipe them every month or more often. Clean stones very beautifully play rays of light, and muddy look as jewelry. You should not wash stones with laundry soap as it spoils gloss of precious metals.

7. After use of any cleaning substances the ring with stone needs to be rinsed water or to wipe with damp fabric to remove the remains of means.

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