How to clean scum in samovar

How to clean scum in samovar

The scum appears as a result of boiling of low-quality water. Being postponed on internal walls of samovar, it interferes with heating. It is possible to clean it with the same means that are used for electric kettles.

  • - means for de-scaling;
  • - citric acid;
  • - lemons;
  • - potato cleanings;
  • - vinegar.

1. Use modern means for de-scaling. Look at special liquid or powder in shops. On the label there has to be inscription "For De-scaling from Teapots". What is used will not be suitable for dish or washing machines. Read application instructions and follow the specified recommendations. After liquid with means boils, let's it stand a little, then merge and rinse samovar with clear water.

2. Pour small bottle of acetic acid in the filled samovar. Heat water approximately to 60 degrees. You watch that it has not begun to boil. Leave for hour then pour out water and wash out samovar. Do not use more aggressive acids – it is hazardous to health. First, toxic couples, and secondly will proceed, there can be parts of acid on samovar walls that can cause poisoning.

3. Take 30 g of citric acid and pour out it in samovar. Boil water and leave for 12 hours that all scum was corroded. Carefully wash samovar on the expiration of time with clear water without cleaning agents.

4. Cut 3-5 lemons and place them in samovar. Fill in with water and put to be boiled. Lemons work approximately as well as acid, - the scum will depart from walls in 10-12 hours. You will need only to rinse capacity.

5. Clean several kilograms of potatoes, carefully wash out cleanings under flowing water and place in samovar. Fill in with warm water and put to be boiled. Leave at several o'clock, then clean walls soda and sponge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team