How to clean sofa

How to clean sofa

The sofa is such element of house furniture which is used both as bed, and as the place for sitting and if in the house there are children, then sometimes and as trampoline and springboard. In such saturated mode of use the sofa is often soiled, loses the look. If to watch sofa, then it will serve much longer.

It is required to you

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Means for washing of ware
  • Steam generator
  • The phone number of specialized service on cleaning


1. If on sofa insignificant pollution, and rather ""fresh"", then it is possible to remove them by means of normal sponge and means for washing of ware. Previously check whether the sofa upholstery at contact with cleaning agent on the imperceptible place fades.

2. In the presence of the washing vacuum cleaner it becomes simpler to carry out prevention of sofa pollution many times. In that case, of course, if you are not frightened by long collecting the vacuum cleaner, and then washing of its filters. For this purpose it is necessary to take the washing vacuum cleaner and to vacuum sofa on the mode chosen by you. It is besides important not to forget to try previously cleaning on the imperceptible place in order to avoid upholstery molt.

3. If you have specialized chemistry for care for furniture, then it is possible to clean spots from sofa with these means. However it is necessary to read attentively the instruction that in case of incorrect use on sofa there was no additional spot left also from these means.

4. If you have steam generator, then some spots can be removed also it. In other cases just it is very useful to steam sofa, killing all microbes as prevention of allergy to dust and sofa pincers.

5. Well and the last way is to call professionals from cleaning firm. It is only enough to dial the phone number, to describe problem, and to you there will arrive experts who will give to your sofa new life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team