How to clean sofa from flock

How to clean sofa from flock

Sofas with upholstery from flock the barkhatist to the touch and long keep juiciness of paints. The upholstered furniture executed with use of this material is practical and durable, and therefore is in invariable demand. To find annoying on favourite sofa of spot. Not to spoil flock, it is necessary to delete pollution with special attention.

It is required to you

  • - neutral soap;
  • - solution of alcohol of 10%;
  • - cotton napkins;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - sponge;
  • - soft rag;
  • - pieces of ice;
  • - brush.


1. Choose way the ochistkichistka of sofa can be carried out differently: by means of the vacuum cleaner, soapsuds, spirit solution. Choose way of cleaning depending on extent of pollution. For regular care for sofa sufficient will use the vacuum cleaner with soft nozzle or soft matter. If pollution of upholstery is revealed, remove it by means of water-based cleansers.

2. Purify oil to pyatnopodgotovta solution of warm water (35-40 0) and make strong foam of neutral soap. By means of damp sponge at first soak spot small amount of foamy moisture, and then carefully wipe. Not to increase the area of contamination, direct movements from edge to the center of spot. Blot the remained water from fabric with napkins or clean soft rags. Do not use the electric hair dryer for drying of sofa – the place of processing will differ from other upholstery. When the upholstery completely dries, restore the direction of pile by means of soft brush.

3. Clean trace from lip pomadyesla you have found on sofa trace of lipstick or from ball pen, use 10% spirit solution. Moisten in it cotton napkin and quiet movements, without increasing the area of spot, rub the soiled place.

4. Clean trace from morozhenogosoberita ice cream, having accurately blotted with tissue fresh spot. Remove from pile the sticky remains by means of slightly humidified soap sponge. If you have found the dried-up dairy spot, put wet fabric towel wipes or towel on this place and wait for full softening. Not to smear the dessert remains on all sofa, remove them with the back of a knife, nail file or napkin. The subsequent actions same, as when processing fresh spot.

5. Remove chewing rezinkuslozhnost is that flock – fleecy fabric to which chewing gum sticks firmly. Do not despair if you have found sticky flat cake on upholstery. Cool the soiled place. For this purpose put on it clean thin towel, and from above – ice or the frozen products. Change the thawing packages and achieve that the elastic band has frozen - in such state it is scattered and departs from sofa in the form of crumbs. Accurately bring together them that they were not pasted to sofa upholstery in other place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team