How to clean spoons

How to clean spoons

Any family uses spoons every day therefore they have to be always in full readiness. Sometimes on spoons there are spots, some metals darken. Periodically spoons need to be cleaned even if you wash them every day very thoroughly. For this purpose there are special means, it is possible to buy suitable paste in household shop. But almost all necessary substances for certain are and at your place.

  • - drill;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - whey;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - chalk or tooth-powder;
  • - table salt;
  • - white soap;
  • - water;
  • - rag or sponge.

1. You for certain know what your spoons are made of. If is not present, try to define - depends on material what substances to apply. Most often spoons from different metals meet: aluminum, steel, German silver, silver and even gold. Not often, but tableware from copper and brass comes across. Some prefer wooden spoons. Plastic have taken root almost only as single ware therefore it does not make sense to clean them.

2. Prepare one of the following solutions. For aluminum spoons in 1 l of water dissolve 30 g drills. Add 1-2 drops of ammonia solution. Mix of 0.5 l of whey and 2 tablespoons of table salt will be suitable for copper or brass tableware. For spoons from precious metals of solutions it is not necessary to prepare, but prepare ammonia solution for silver and toothpaste — for gold.

3. For steel ware make special soap. Dismiss 1 weight part of normal white soap in 1 weight part of water. Add 2 weight parts of fine powder of chalk (it is possible tooth-powder if is). Pour out mix in any form and let's harden. Soap for cleaning of any iron, steel objects or German silver turns out.

4. Wet rag or sponge in solution. Wipe the polluted places. If spoons very dirty (for example, the silver spoon has strongly darkened) — them need to be washed out completely in solution or even to wet for some time. The gilded or silvered spoons clean just as gold and silver.

5. There is also one more available way of cleaning practically of all spoons. For this purpose it is even necessary to buy nothing. All of you will equally cook potatoes. Merge broth in some suitable capacity and lower spoons, forks and all other metal tableware which you need to put in order there.

6. Wash spoons with warm flowing water, then rinse cold and well dry up. If to repeat such procedure regularly, your spoons will always be as newcomers and will serve very long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team