How to clean spoons from stainless steel

How to clean spoons from stainless steel

Ware from stainless steel has property over time to lose the attractiveness, gloss, to become dim and to become covered by spots. Pans and frying pans, spoons and forks from this material demand special care, but this rather laborious work demanding certain knowledge, patience and desires to make the ware beautiful. So, we will follow certain rules to clean spoons from stainless steel, fork and other ware from this metal.


1. Lay on pan bottom tableware from stainless steel, fill in with boiled water, add soda and salt. Leave pan to heat up on small fire for about 15-20 minutes. Take forks, spoons, knives from water, wash out under flowing water, wipe dry and make sure that they have gained primitive gloss.

2. Wash out your ware from stainless steel in hot water to which dry mustard and soda is added. Carefully to clean small parts on spoons and forks, use brush. Rinse in warm water. Wipe dry towel.

3. Wipe tableware from stainless steel with sponge on which dry baking soda is applied.

4. Try to use crude potatoes to clean spoons from stainless steel. Peel potatoes, cut in half and wipe with half of spoon, fork, frying pan: they will become brilliant.

5. Moisten sponge with vinegar and wipe tableware. Carefully rinse and wipe dry.

6. If knife blades from stainless steel have become covered with rust, wipe it with onions half. Rinse in warm water. Also it is convenient to clean knives from stainless steel cork.

7. If on spoons, forks, knives and other ware from stainless steel there were steady spots, wipe them with lemon juice, and after that woolen rag. This fine means of removal of raid from ware.

8. As option for cleaning of ware from stainless steel it is possible to use coffee thick. Get the sung coffee from cup, put on sponge and rub spoons, forks, knives. Carefully after that wash out in flowing water and dry wipe towel.

9. The good result is yielded by washing of ware from stainless steel in dish washer on the maximum mode.

10. Boil potatoes, get it from pan, and in hot broth lower devices. In 10-15 minutes your ware will shine.

11. On sale there is professional paste for metals. It is ideal for stainless steel, is safe in application, removes dirt, oxides. Use it if you want your tableware to look as newcomers.

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