How to clean spot on wall-paper

How to clean spot on wall-paper

If in the house there are small children, then the situation when on wall-paper various drawings and traces from hands appear is familiar to you. You should not be upset and think of the forthcoming repair. By means of make-shifts you will be able easily to remove pollution.

  • The purified gasoline, the iron, blotting paper, starch, tooth-powder, alcohol, wet towel wipes, fresh bread.

1. For removal of greasy spot from vinyl wall coverings take damp clean rag or sponge. Wipe the polluted site.

2. To remove fat spot from paper wall covering, you need the purified gasoline. It can be got in household shop. Moisten soft rag in liquid and blot spot.

3. The greasy spot can be removed by means of the warm iron. Take blotting paper or paper towel. Apply to the polluted site on wall-paper and carry out by slightly heated iron. Periodically change paper for clean. Try not to overheat the iron. Otherwise wall-paper on the processed place will depart from wall.

4. Spots from fat are effectively removed by potato starch. Mix it with water before obtaining consistence of dense sour cream. Apply mix with even layer on pollution. Leave before full drying and shake brush from wall.

5. Greasy spots on paper wall covering can be removed by means of fresh bread. Wipe the site of pollution. Delete bread pieces which have absorbed fat.

6. Remove spots on paper wall covering by means of tooth-powder which needs to be impregnated in the purified gasoline. Apply the received gruel on the polluted site. When mix completely dries, brush away brush. If necessary repeat the procedure. If spots old, repeat the procedure several times.

7. Apply to spot from ball pen the cotton tampon, the wetted in ethyl alcohol.

8. Spots on vinyl wall coverings effectively move away from gouache, felt-tip pens and colored pencils wet towel wipes. Accurately wipe the polluted site. If necessary repeat the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team