How to clean spots from the iron

How to clean spots from the iron

Burn marks from the iron can be eliminated not only in dry-cleaner, but also in house conditions. Such spots remain on fabrics to which composition synthetic fibers are added. On white things of mark will be yellow color, on black - whitish brilliant traces are formed. To disguise them decorative embroidery or applique it is admissible, however not all are capable to make it beautifully, and others just have no time.


1. Take onions, clean it from peel and cut in half. Grate. Put thing on table so that well it was visible the damaged site of fabric. Wipe it with the received vegetable gruel, leave for 2-3 hours, wet fabric in cold look, and then wash as usual.

2. Eliminate fresh spots from the iron by means of milk or curdled milk. Put thing in liquid and leave for 2 hours, rinse in cool water and wash by means of powder or laundry soap.

3. Remove spots from the iron, applying lemon juice. Wash up citrus, squeeze out of it juice, moisten in it gauze and carefully moisten the damaged place on fabric. Then wash in the normal way.

4. Take 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 2-3 drops of 10% ammonia solution, mix from 100 ml of water. Moisten cotton pad in structure and wipe spot, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse in cold water and again iron the site of fabric. This method will help to get rid of burn marks on white linen, cotton things.

5. Buy boric acid, with its help you will be able to remove burn marks from white things. Apply mix on spot, in about 5 minutes this place will become lighter, wash fabric in warm water, applying laundry soap or laundry detergent. Rinse.

6. Moisten gauze in weak solution of vinegar, put it on spot and carefully stroke thing the iron. It is not required to erase after that material.

7. Prepare gruel from soda and water, apply on the spot formed on things of silk. As soon as the structure dries, clean off it brush and wash material in cold water. Burn marks of yellow color are well brought with use of solution drills (30 ml to 1 liter of water), put it, and then wash in the normal way and again iron the iron.

8. Put the damaged thing on ironing board, from above lay the newspaper and iron the iron. It is necessary to eliminate burn marks this way carefully that typographical paint did not remain on material therefore on white fabrics it is undesirable to carry out the procedure. After that it is not necessary to wash off thing.

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