How to clean sterling silver

How to clean sterling silver

The only lack of silver - tendency to darkening. Besides, it is softer, than gold. Therefore it is necessary to clean it accurately and not to apply rough abrasive means. The correct storage of jewelry also plays not the last role.

It is required to you

  • - soda;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - cleaning agent;
  • - special medicine for silver reading.


1. Regularly you clean silver. Otherwise it can darken and lose gloss. If extent of pollution of product is insignificant, then just wash with warm water with cleaning agent. Do not use metal ware and rubber gloves during cleaning, they can cause emergence of microcracks on product.

2. Use for cleaning silverof house of means, for example baking soda, ammonia solution or toothpaste. Mix hydrogen peroxide with alcohol, lower product in solution and leave for 15 minutes. Small objects require the following method. Fill in joy of a little baking soda and pour couple of water droplets. Put subject in this mix and carefully pound.

3. Strongly polluted products can be cleaned by original method. Apply toothpaste on rag. Will approach normal, without the bleaching effect. Rub product straight lines, at the same time periodically add paste. Be extremely attentive and careful because at such cleaning scratches can develop. At their emergence stop at once and wash out ornament under flowing water.

4. There are special means for silver cleaning. They will be ideal for valuable ancient products. Apply a little medicine on soft fabric or sponge which was applied to means. Slightly rub straight lines and wash out under water jet.

5. Correctly you store products from silver. The increased humidity indoors can be the cause of darkening. Before putting away ornament in box, make sure that it is completely dry. It will prevent emergence of dimness. You do not store silver near rubber products, paint and stainless steel. Also do not allow contact with cosmetics and water. At first envelop silver devices special paper against spots, flannel fabric and put in plastic bag.

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