How to clean stones in silver

How to clean stones in silver

Jewelry from silver in time socks often darkens. Besides, those from them which have small parts, bends and difficult relief become soiled and grow dull. Cleaning of silver jewelry can be even more complicated if precious or semiprecious stones which can be destroyed at contact with chemically active agents are inserted into them. Especially make thrifty use of pearls and turquoise. In this case even use of the checked and eco-friendly folk remedies is dangerous.

1. Before cleaning stones in silver, they need to be processed cologne, and it is better – glycerin. Take Q-tip and, having moistened it with cologne, wipe stone surface from above and from below. Place all product in soapsuds (better to use liquid soap) and carefully rinse it.

2. Best of all to clean stones in silver special cleansers of production of Germany and England which are on sale in jewelry stores. Specially developed structures cover with protective film surface of stones and react only directly with metal.

3. If there is no opportunity to use special means, then part in glass of warm water of 5-6 drops of ammonia solution, several drops of liquid soap and leave product to lie down in this solution for half an hour. After that it needs to be washed out in flowing water and to dry soft fabric.

4. For cleaning of silver products with stones it is possible to use the pounded chalk divorced in water which is applied with soft brush. It will help silver to be cleaned, but the stone at the same time will not suffer.

5. Wash out jewelry of pearls and turquoise warm soapsuds and slightly wipe stones with the corn starch applied on soft fabric napkin rinse warm water and dry.

6. To clean silver with pearls, wrap product in napkin, having added half of tablespoon of small table salt. Wash out folded napkin in warm water until salt is dissolved.

7. Wash out silver products with inserts from ivory or amber in soap solution, rinse and dry up.

8. Malachite, agate, coral, turquoise, apatite, moonstone or opal can be cleaned the Q-tip, the wetted in alcohol, and then to accurately polish stones with soft fleecy fabric.

9. For products with diamond, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, ruby or topaz use solution – on water half of liter 1 dessertspoon of shampoo or means for washing of ware. Place products in it for 5 hours, then well wash out and dry.

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