How to clean suede

How to clean suede

Beautiful clothes and footwear demand more thorough and competent leaving. Suede things belong to similar discharge. It should be noted that suede always is out of mode and out of time. Suede jackets, jackets and boots will be always considered as standard of the highest taste and refinement. But, as well as all beautiful and gentle things, suede demands gentle and careful care. To clean suede and not to do it harm, it is necessary to take several practical advice.

For a start we will designate that suede is artificial and natural. For production of genuine suede usually use skin of deer, calfs or goats. And artificial suede is almost faithful reproduction natural though it is created in the chemical way. Artificial suede demands not smaller care and leaving, than the natural product and ways of care for it practically do not differ.

It is very easy to spoil suede therefore be accurate at sock, try not to soil suede products as exterior of this material can deteriorate considerably after cleaning. Suede - vulnerable and gentle material. And for this reason it is necessary to look after suede accurately.

It is difficult to remove spots from suede - in the minimum quantities use water as usually products from suede absorb moisture as sponge, at the same time material bulks up and is extended, and after drying the fleecy layer can harden and roll up. If similar has occurred, then we advise you to knead hands the place of hardening till the moment until all surface becomes uniform and soft. If such method does not help, then wet the problem place soap water solution and leave for some time, without wringing out for five hours (at strong hardening on eight) then wash with water solution with addition small amount of ammonia, avoid hit of steam or very hot water on your suede thing. Suede hats are recommended to be stored on special supports which interfere with loss of form. To update suede gloves use the following recipe: accurately apply the solution consisting of half of part of skim milk and half of teaspoon of 10% of ammonia solution or baking soda on the polluted places. For drawing it is recommended to use cotton tampon. The simplest practical method for cleaning of gloves, it is possible to call the following recipe. Put on gloves (it becomes in order that they have not got out of shape), then, without removing, clean them soft brush with use of soap solution. Blot hands with terry towel and only after on gloves there is moisture minimum, remove them. It is better to clean suede on footwear by means of special rubber brush or brushes with the high level of rigidity. Some for this purpose use make-shifts – office eraser or abrasive paper which surely has to be the smallest. But the main thing, do not forget that for maintaining beauty of suede products, it is necessary to watch daily and especially carefully purity of product and carefully to look after him. 

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