How to clean tableware

How to clean tableware

The darkened spoons, forks and knives take unattractive form, and it is impossible to wash them simple means for washing of ware. However it is possible to return them former brilliant look, knowing several hints.


1. The easiest, reliable and safe way of cleaning is to use the special means which are on sale in jewelry stores.

2. You clean not chaotic or circular motions, in back and forth. Use soft fabric, at the end of cleaning wipe and polish with cotton dry fabric.

3. With care use baking soda. This means rather easily deletes raid, however is abrasive means and can easily scratch product. Do not apply soda too often.

4. One more house means for cleaning - toothpaste. Use normal white paste without effect of bleaching. Paste can damage product too therefore act carefully and watch whether scratches develop.

5. Even old tarnishing can remove the following method. Prepare hot solution from water and salt, put in solution aluminum foil, and under it - silver or German silver products. It is reaction between aluminum and sulfide of silver (dimness). Table salt acts as electrolyte that reaction has happened. The same can be made also without foil, but in aluminum pan.

6. Silver products can be washed in dish washer, but do not use at the same time the cleaning agents containing chlorine, and after completion of work of the machine open at once door that there was steam.

7. If over time products from stainless steel have grown dull, wash them with the solution prepared from 1 teaspoon of ammonia and 4 l of hot water. Then rinse with hot water and dry wipe pure fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team