How to clean teapot citric acid

How to clean teapot citric acid

As it is pleasant to begin the morning with svezhesvarenny tea or coffee with fragrant bun! But water from teapot with scum can sometimes spoil all taste of morning drinks. Means, has come it is time to clean teapot from this muck urgently. But how to make it with little effort and quickly?


1. The most available way to clean your teapot from scum is citric acid. The lemon will help interiors of your teapot to begin to shine again. But for a start it is necessary to find out what is scum. The scum is usually formed on walls and day of teapot. The formed layer of this substance demonstrates availability in water which you use of large amount of salts. Because of water hardness the teapots are exposed to formation of this scum.

2. Naturally, the scum has an adverse effect on heating coils of teapot. Steel elements begin to heat up badly, and there is repeated thermal resistance. As a result of it the teapot breaks. Besides, the scum badly affects also human health. Having got to organism, it can do harm to kidneys and urinogenital system.

3. Of course, there is huge number of ways of disposal of scum. So, some boil in teapot various carbonated drinks, some - potato cleanings. Clean teapots and by means of rigid metal brushes and brushes.

4. In shops it is also possible to get various chemical means which can remove also without problems this misfortune. But who can guarantee you full safety against such experiments? Therefore it is better to choose the most effective and harmless remedy – citric acid. As the scum is formed of alkalis, acid can destroy it.

5. For cleaning of teapot you need only one pack of food citric acid. So, fill up acid pack in teapot. Then gather in it cold water and leave so at several o'clock. You do not boil the kettle at all. Chemical reaction will begin also at the normal room temperature. If thickness of layer of scale not really big, then it disappears already through quarter of hour. Further pour out the used water and boil teapot with already clear water 2 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team