How to clean teflon frying pan?

How to clean teflon frying pan?

It becomes frequent ware with non-stick coating of unsuitable. The wrong leaving is the reason of it. Sometimes people at care for ware do not consider features of material of which it is made. It is correct to clean teflon frying pan to you one very easy and fast way will help.

It is required to you

  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder, half-glass of water


1. As it is very easy to scratch teflon, for preparation use smooth blade. Never use metal blades and also knives or forks for turning of food. Do not eat from frying pan and do not try to cut in it something. Krupnomoloty seasonings, the burned products and also crystals of salt and bone easily scratch teflon covering. If you cook food in Teflon cookware, then try to add water, and when frying use oil or fat.

2. Do not rake up the food remains from frying pan. To clean simply pour a little hot water into it and wash away in sink. The sharp temperature drop can cause flaking of non-stick layer. Never put the heated frying pan under stream of cold water.

3. When washing ware do not use rigid or metal bast. Right after the end of preparation wash frying pan hot water and soft sponge. As cleaning agent normal gel will be suitable for washing of ware.

4. When washing frying pan it is also possible to use very easy way. Take glass and fill it half with clear water. In frying pan which you are going to clean pour half-glass of water. Add two tablespoons of baking powder for the test. Include plate, put on it frying pan and bring everything to boiling. Cool water and wipe walls of teflon frying pan with soft rag.

5. If you have no time for washing of frying pan, then just pour water into it to the edges and add cleaning agent. Keep in mind if residues of fat and food have dried on frying pan, then to tear off them to turn out only with part of teflon layer.

6. When cooking consider that fast destruction of non-stick layer is promoted by excessive heating. Besides, when heating over 200 degrees teflon will begin to emit toxic substances which by all means will get to food.

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