How to clean the battery

How to clean the battery

Do you face long ago that during the winter period even at high quality of heating only the strut gets warm, and batteries at the same time remain cold? Recommendations how to clean the battery, will help to return heat to your premises – owner-occupied dwelling or the normal apartment.


1. Were tired to live in cold and all the same to pay services of the centralized heating in full scale or to be spent for service of gas boiler and individual heating system, and radiators at the same time remain cold? You need to clean, first of all, batteries for what it is not obligatory to resort to services of the professional plumber, increasing at the same time load of the family budget.

2. The only condition – struts have to be clean, not littered, otherwise washing and expulsion of pig-iron batteries will not yield beneficial effect. Solving, how to clean pig-iron battery independently, adhere to the following recommendations. First, you make this procedure before the heating period when in struts there is no water, it is desirable before the beginning of giving of the centralized heating in multifamily houses when the staff of municipal services has already executed expulsion of struts.

3. Secondly, councils how to clean the battery, are directly connected with type of your radiators and their complete set. If on your heating appliances separate cranes on exit and entrance are installed, just block them even if in struts there could be water, and then quietly turn off radiator. Further the battery needs to be separated into sections well to clean each of them that to make it, it will be required simple tools which each man has in arsenal, also the wrench is irreplaceable.

4. The following step is rather simple – it is only necessary to drag all sections of the pig-iron battery in bathtub and to wash out everyone separately under sufficient pressure of water. Further you will need to dry heating the device, then to collect radiator, to establish it on the former place, to carefully process all joints for course avoiding already during the beginning of heating season. Then open cranes, having returned them to former situation that hot water at the centralized heating could come to radiator freely.

5. In difficult case if pig-iron radiators cannot be cleaned by means of washing, kupimta the special air gun intended for independent cleaning not only pipes, but also batteries. Such device is very simple in application, is designed for inhabitants, intended for implementation of fast pointed cleaning of radiators, with its help you will be able to remove any blockage in the sewerage and water supply system.

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