How to clean the burned enameled pan

How to clean the burned enameled pan

The first reaction of the resolute hostess upon the burned pan – to throw out the spoiled thing. Reaction of the zealous hostess – quickly to take measures for rescue of the favourite vessel. Really, why to throw out when it is still possible to correct especially as there is a lot of ways of cleaning of the burned pan.

  • - coarse table salt;
  • - baking soda;
  • - vinegar (citric acid, lemon juice);
  • - activated carbon in tablets;
  • - serum;
  • - sponge;
  • - powder with small abrasive particles.

1. Rule number one: it is not necessary to push the burned pan in far corner. It is desirable to start its rescue in the same day. Then it is possible to clean it without traces. Otherwise on the place of scorch there will be yellow spots. Rule number two: you should not fill in the hot burned enameled ware with cold water, can crack and fly away enamel. It is necessary to give it time to cool down.

2. Fill up the place of scorch with coarse table salt and leave for 2-3 hours. Then wash pan with hot water. If the scorch remained, repeat the procedure.

3. Make strong hydrochloric solution (5-6 tablespoons on 1 liter of water), fill in in pan and boil within 30-40 minutes. The scorch has to descend from bottom and walls of pan.

4. Take several tablets of activated carbon and pound them in powder. Fill up on the burned place and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then fill in with cold water and leave for 20 minutes then wash out pan with any cleaning agent for ware. Activated carbon well helps with cases when burns milk.

5. Make strong soda solution (1 standard pack of baking soda – 500 g on 5-6 l of water) pour out in capacity, by the size big, than the burned pan. Place the affected vessel in capacity and put on plate. Bring to boiling and lower fire. You boil one or one and a half hours. Switch off fire and let's ware cool down. Then get the burned pan and rinse clear water. You will see that not only the scorch, but also all pollution which were available on pan which at the time it was difficult for you to reach was cleaned off (zone of handles, reliefs, etc.).

6. Water vinegar to the place of scorch, close cover and leave for 2 hours. Then just wash up pan cleaning agent. You can replace vinegar with citric acid from bag, or juice of fresh lemon.

7. Sour milk in your kitchen will appear as it is impossible more by the way. Separate serum and fill in with it the burned pan. Leave for the night. Merge serum in the morning and wash up pan.

8. If scorch small, just rub this place rigid sponge with the soft abrasive powder applied on it. Do not use metal bast in order to avoid scratches which threaten to turn into cracks subsequently.

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