How to clean the burned pan

How to clean the burned pan

The mood since the morning can be spoiled if in the course of preparation of breakfast the hostess has distracted, and porridge has burned in pan. Though cleaning of the burned pan at first sight also seems process very labor-consuming, but it is not necessary to despair. Your pan will begin to shine again soon.


1. It is possible to begin with the easiest ""grandmother's"" way of cleaning of pan. Pour hot water into the spoiled ware. The burned places completely have to be under water. Then fill 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda and leave for 30 minutes. After time put pan on plate and bring to boiling. On slow fire you boil minutes 30-40. Drain water. Remove the remains of the burned food by means of rigid sponge.

2. If it was not succeeded to receive desirable result, then try the following method of cleaning. Pour enough, now, cold water. Add 3-4 tablespoons of table salt. Leave pan at several o'clock, and it is the best of all for the night. Try to wipe pan bottom rigid sponge in the morning again.

3. At very big layer of the burned food repeat the procedure. Mix salt and soda in equal proportions. Fill up with this mix all burned surface. Pour small amount warm water so that ""gruel"" has turned out. Cover pan and leave it for day. In 24 hours replace soda and salt mix with fresh. Add waters and boil 30 minutes on weak fire. Merge solution and wash pan, using laundry soap and sponge.

4. For removal of the burned milk activated carbon is applicable. To pound several tablets in powder, to fill in pan, to fill in with cold water. In 15-30 minutes it will be necessary only to wash it.

5. Besides national ways, it is possible to use for purification of ashes of means of household chemicals (""Sanita-gel"" or ""Shumanit""). Follow the instruction for their application. Surely protect hands from aggression of these means rubber gloves. After processing several times boil clear water in pan to remove the remains of chemical means.

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