How to clean the coffee maker

Cleaning of the coffee maker can be made by both specialized means, and "national" ways. The main thing that the last have been checked on experience by other users of coffee makers. Otherwise, if someone has told that he only heard about such way, it is better not to risk the device.

It is required to you

  • - citric acid;
  • - 4 heartburn pills Alka-zeltser;
  • - cleaning agent.


1. As experts and the most part of manufacturing firms advise, cleaning of the coffee maker has to be made by means which are specially intended for this purpose. Most often they represent tablets, powder is more rare. How exactly to use them, it is written to instructions.

2. So-called national methods belong to more widespread methods of cleaning of coffee makers of the house. There is, for example, such: citric acid (about 30 ml) is filled in with 4 glasses of hot water, mixes up. Further 4 more glasses of water, but already cold are added. The received mix is filled in in compartment in which water is usually filled in. Then the coffee maker needs to be included and waited, half of the cleaning solution will not pour out yet. 20 minutes later the coffee maker turns on again, and the remains merge. To get rid of lemon smell in coffee, just it is necessary to pass via the device of 8 cups of water (cold) several times.

3. There is also such, rather interesting method. The tank intended for water is filled with boiled water in which 4 heartburn pills Alka-zeltser are located. After their dissolution it is necessary to turn on the coffee maker for its clearing. Then the tank is rinsed by water several times, water is poured into it and the cooking mode joins. After that it is possible to make coffee safely!

4. You should not forget also that the coffee maker needs cleaning after purchase, before work. It concerns also coffee makers which were not operated considerable period. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up the stationary filter, cover and jug in hot water with cleaning agent, then to dry everything. The same procedure is carried out with the holder of the filter in case it is removable. Further the coffee maker gathers, the tank is filled with clear cold water which is passed via the device. Water from jug pours out, and process repeats again. If desired internal surfaces can be wiped with damp fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team