How to clean the double boiler from scum

How to clean the double boiler from scum

At steam processing the products keep the maximum quantity of nutrients. Therefore it is very good to cook meat, fish, vegetables, desserts in the double boiler. It has special heating coil on which quickly settle all salts from water. If preparation time of dishes on the double boiler has decreased, then it can indicate availability on scum element.

It is required to you

  • - vinegar of 5%;
  • - citric acid.


1. The scum is formed as a result of use of hard water. The more in water of magnesium and calcium, the it is more rigid. Therefore that, how often it is necessary to make cleaning, depends on this indicator. In many instructions to double boilers it is specified that the scum needs to be deleted time in 8 gotovka, however frequency can vary depending on the used liquid, from 6 to 10 gotovka. Also together with cleaning pathogenic bacteria and microbes are removed.

2. Pour in the tank for water 2-3 glasses of vinegar (5%). Add water to the maximum level that it covered all heating coil.

3. Install the corresponding pallet which is used in design. Put one steam compartment and close the device cover.

4. Turn on the double boiler and let's it work about 10-12 minutes. If the layer of scale remained, then it is possible to leave cleaning for 5 minutes.

5. Switch off the double boiler and wait for full cooling of elements of the device. Merge all vinegar with water and carefully wash out the tank.

6. The same way it is possible to make cleaning of scum by means of citric acid. Its use will also give the necessary effect. On all compartment for water it is necessary to use about 25 grams of citric acid. It is necessary to include cleaning for 20-25 minutes. After cleaning carefully wash out the tank.

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