How to clean the enameled pan

How to clean the enameled pan

The enameled ware demands more thorough personal care, than aluminum as the food remains to such covering burn more often. At the same time, if the normal pan can be cleaned iron brush for ware, then enamel demands more sparing ways of cleaning.

It is required to you

  • - soda,
  • - sponge,
  • - cleaning agent for ware,
  • - ""Whiteness"",
  • - rubber gloves,
  • - Extra salt.


1. To clean enameled pan, exempt it from the remains of food and wash up carefully with application of cleaning agent. Let's it dry then fill small amount of soda on bottom. Take sponge, moisten it with warm water and evenly apply soda on all surface of pan. Then leave ware for 30-40 minutes then wash it with warm water with application of cleaning agent.

2. It is possible to clean the enameled pan and by means of liquid means "Whiteness". Remember that it is very aggressive structure and it is possible to use it only in rubber gloves. Carefully wash out pan by means of cleaning agent or laundry soap and dry. Further pour on ware bottom means cap "Whiteness" and add small amount of cool water. Rub surface with this structure and leave to stand for 20-30 minutes, having closed pan cover. Then wash out enamel cleaning agent and dry. If the result of your work was not pleasant to you, make the same once again.

3. If you have in the house Extra salt, then it will also help you to clean pan enamel. For this purpose on wet sponge put salt and rub ware surface. Leave it to stand some time, and then wash with warm water. Enamel will become white as new.

4. To keep pan enamel for long time, wash it with warmish water. Enamel does not love sharp change of temperature and therefore quickly loses the qualities: turns yellow and bursts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team