How to clean the extract filter

How to clean the extract filter

At each housewife in kitchen the special equipment which allows to simplify process of preparation of refined dishes is installed. For example, over the gas or electric stove always establish extract. It involves in itself evaporations which arise in the course of cooking. The extract prevents distribution of smell on all apartment and also protects ceiling from heat impact. However the filter of extract demands periodic cleaning.

It is required to you

  • Citric acid, table salt, screw-driver, new filter.


1. Get the application guide of your extract. In it the basic rules of operation have to be specified. Also you will find the detailed description of the scheme of removal of the filter and the recommended means for clearing in the management. Disconnect extract. Take out fork from the socket completely to deenergize the device. Now find fastenings which hold external frame of the filter. Usually it fastens either plastic stubs, or bolts with shaybochka. Find fastenings. If it is latches, open them if the frame is attached by bolts, accurately turn off them. At the same time do not lose shaybochka as without them the bolt will strong not keep.

2. Remove level and together with it filter box. It consists of several layers of the thin aluminum grid and laying containing fabric and paper. laying needs to be replaced with new as it is disposable. And here metal networks need to be cleaned off. For this purpose it is necessary to use special chemical means which goes complete with extract. Also you will be able to find the recommended types of chemicals for cleaning in the application guide. Cleaning by means of cleanser is very simple. Place metal gauzes in warm water. Evenly apply substance. Leave grid for some time to lie down. Then wash away substance.

3. Use alternative option if near at hand there was no substance or it costs very much. Cork sink. Gather the most hot water. Add table salt that solyany solution has turned out. Submerge in it for half an hour grid. After that take out it and wash with hot water. It is the best of all to disconnect layers from each other. It will facilitate cleaning and will allow to wash up ashes which were hammered between layers. If the grid was cleaned not up to the end, then process it citric acid. Let's dry out to grid. Collect everything upside-down.

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