How to clean the ferry furniture

How to clean the ferry furniture

Cleaning steam is simple, safe for the environment, organic way, it will serve as good alternative to normal ways of cleaning. And how by means of steam to clean furniture? There are several simple councils.


1. The sphere of use of steam cleaners is extremely various, you can clean fridges, floors, carpets, furniture and many other things. This way helps to save precious time on cleaning.

2. When cleaning furniture by normal methods you usually only remove dirt from surface while steam gets into the smallest slots arising between surface and dirt. Exactly thanks to it this method allows to delete even the most permanent pollution. One more advantage of steam – it interferes with further reproduction of microbes, so, provide absolute hygiene which is especially necessary if in the house there live children.

3. So, we will talk about that, how exactly to clean furniture by means of the steam cleaner. If you begin to clean unfamiliar material, then at first make trial cleaning on small imperceptible eye the site. It needs to be made to check resistance of this material to steam influence and also to pick up optimum intensity of supply of steam and distance from nozzle.

4. Always move vapor jet only in one direction if you move it in the chaotic direction – you will not achieve the necessary effect.

5. During process use both hands, work as one hand with the steam cleaner, and another wipe dirt by means of small piece of fabric. If you delete old spots, then bring nozzle closely to the processed surface, time of influence of steam in this case will also be more.

6. Regulate steam supply, you remember that less thick steam will clean easier and more softly therefore you seek to use at least couple (but not less, than it is necessary), thereby you will be able to avoid emergence of drops of condensate. Do not use brush nozzle during the work with delicate synthetic materials.

7. Try to drench the ferry only slightly as the long contact with steam can bring to wax, paint or structure just for decoration can razmoknut. After you have carried out several thorough cleanings with wipe of the acting dirt, further just drench surface with steam, I do not resort to wipe.

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