How to clean the gold suspender

How to clean the gold suspender

Gold jewelry is in special demand and popularity. They can be carried constantly, they do not spoil under the influence of external factors. But nevertheless sometimes such products need cleaning to renew their initial gloss and shine. Also the suspender is not exception.

It is required to you

  • - beer;
  • - egg white;
  • - soda;
  • - hyposulphite;
  • - alcohol;
  • - toothpaste.


1. Ideally it is necessary to clean jewelry of gold once a month. For this purpose address in jewelry workshop and entrust this work to the expert, especially it concerns suspenders with precious or semiprecious stones. It is possible to clean also at home. Buy the cleanser intended for this purpose suitable your product in specialized shop. The consultant will help to decide on it.

2. Use national ways if owing to any reasons you cannot go to workshop. All these methods are known long ago and will not spoil your jewelry. For example, make the following. Take a little beer in identical proportion and egg yolk, carefully mix. Apply structure on flannel and wipe product.

3. Pour 200 ml of water into aluminum capacity, put half of teaspoon of baking soda, boil. Cool and place ornament in structure approximately for hour. In glass of water dissolve hyposulphite teaspoon. Wash gold in this solution.

4. If all of you have decided to clean the suspender with house stone, conform to some rules. The product at which the stone is simply pasted cannot be submerged in any liquid for a long time. The easiest way is considered spirit. Lower for several seconds jewelry in alcohol, and later wipe with the flannel or other soft fabric impregnated with soap solution. Put the suspender so that moisture flew down or evaporated. For lustring use normal toothpaste. Rub with it ornament, and then carefully wash away.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team