How to clean the greased jacket

How to clean the greased jacket

Pretty fast on jackets, especially leather or suede, the collar, sleeves and area of pockets is salted. It is hard to get rid of such pollution therefore the professional dry-cleaner will be the best decision. But if such option does not suit you, it is possible to cope and independently.

It is required to you

  • - means for cleaning;
  • - rubber brush for suede;
  • - gasoline;
  • - salt, semolina;
  • - sal ammoniac.


1. Buy spray for cleaning of gross contaminations, it can be got in shops of leather clothes. In the same place buy nap brush from rubber and special stone for the greased places. Apply spray, and in a few minutes rub dirty places brush. At gross contamination repeat the procedure.

2. Use vertical otparivatel. Walk on the become shiny sites pumice or small abrasive paper to raise pile, and then let to them stream of hot steam. Then again accurately loosen pile and again drench spot with steam. Be careful not to deform product and not to allow shrinkage. Do not rub too diligently, pile can suffer. It is possible to use rubber brush or rigid foam rubber instead of abrasive paper.

3. Part one part of ammonia solution in four parts of water. Slightly wipe the right places, avoiding strong soaking. After that wash away clear water and moisten with acetic solution (1 teaspoon of essence on water liter). Accurately dry up jacket on towel, having straightened all folds. Carry out this procedure at first on small site jackets and estimate result.

4. Clean the become shiny places the cut crude potato. After drying walk rigid brush. Also, fat dirt can be purified with semolina well. Spread thing on floor, strew with grain and rub with circular motions. Change semolina in process of pollution. After processing shake grain and walk on jacket brush.

5. Humidify the greased places on collar or sleeves and process them ammonium carbonate. Wash away the appeared foam in a few minutes warm water.

6. Moisten the shining and greased places with pure gasoline (for lighters), then fill thin layer of small salt and rub rubber sponge or rigid brush. After processing shake salt, and on jacket once again walk brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team