How to clean the house

How to clean the house

Infinite blockages in the apartment, blocking up seemingly necessary, but so littering our space with things. Process of cleaning of stuff of housing sometimes becomes strength test.

It is required to you

  • Refuse sacks;
  • Packing-cases;


1. In the room it is possible to recognize a lot of things that you for the person by contents. Collect all obvious garbage, do not forget to glance in hard-to-reach spots (under bed, cabinet, for curtain).

2. Very often gifts (soft toys, ware, the curling iron for hair, books, etc.) become stuff. Of course, it is inconvenient to throw out such things on garbage can, but, maybe, you decide to distribute them. For certain in your environment there will be people for whom these things are really necessary.

3. Clothes. At everyone and everyone is enough of it, considering that speed with which the mode changes., It seems, the tenth new jacket which have dressed all time, well not to throw out it. Analyze, really it is necessary to you? Well think! If is not present, give it in kind charge. Such things lack the place in close cabinet, and the more you buy cabinet, the less in it remains places.

4. Look back in the room. You have come across the next coffee table which to you was given by someone from relatives, because of purchase of new. You is it rather and not especially asked as far as it is necessary for you. Get rid of it! It is possible in the same way, perhaps, it is useful to someone at the dacha or in the village.

5. Define what things can be removed about ease in refuse sacks and what you put in packing-cases for the acquaintances. Perhaps, you after all decide to hold couple of boxes so far.

6. After cleaning of the house of stuff, carry out clear-out and air the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team