How to clean the iron

How to clean the iron

The iron is irreplaceable assistant to any hostess. Unfortunately, it, as well as any other electric device, is subject to various pollution which negatively affect its characteristics and, eventually, can lead to breakage.

There are two main types of pollution of the iron: - scaling in the device because of use of hard tap water; - pollution of sole of the iron because of non-compliance with temperature conditions when ironing.

To overcome the first problem it is possible to use one of the following ways. It is necessary to part half teaspoon of Antiscale agent in glass of water, to fill in liquid in container of the iron and to include it for 20-30 minutes. After that the raid of scum will peel off, and the container can be washed with water.

It is possible to clean scum and rust in the iron by means of Silit or other similar means intended for fight against such types of pollution. The heated iron needs to be inverted and filled in cleanser in openings on sole. In 10 minutes the device can be switched off and washed out under stream of warm water. For removal of pollution from sole of the iron it is recommended to use special pencil, for example the Typhoon brands. It can be got in household shops. At its use it is necessary to follow the instruction of the producer strictly. The sole of the iron warmed up to the certain temperature is rubbed with pencil, after a while dirt begins to peel off then it can be deleted. When using the pencil melts and can allocate quite strong smell therefore it is better to carry out this procedure in well aired room. If near at hand there is no such pencil, and the iron needs to be cleaned urgently, then it is possible to use other ways. On the newspaper or piece of fabric it is necessary to fill ordinary salt. It needs to be ironed the heated iron. After a while you will notice that salt begins to become soiled, and the iron will be cleaned. It is necessary to make a reservation that this method can damage device sole. It is also possible to try to clean the surface of the cold iron by means of soda or small amount of toothpaste. Besides the sole can try to be cleaned with the cotton tampon, the wetted in acetic solution. After holding these procedures, the iron needs to be wiped with damp, and then dry rag. As you can see, in that how to clean the iron, there is nothing difficult. Having used one of these councils, you will be able to update the iron and to force it well to iron.

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