How to clean the iron with covering

How to clean the iron with covering

Irons of new generation are supplied with the system of automatic cleaning of channels of scum, some have automatic system of cleaning of sole. But what to do if your iron is not so advanced? You will be helped by our advice.


1. First, it is possible to get special pencil for cleaning of sole of the iron. Smear with this pencil hot sole of the iron, then clean off scum unnecessary rag.

2. If there is no opportunity to buy pencil, it is possible to take national advice. For example, to fill in in the tank for water normal antiscale agent. Half-teaspoon on glass of water it is filled in in the tank. Further it is necessary to infuse the received solution, and in 30 minutes to evaporate water on old rags.

3. The iron of old generation with teflon covering can be cleaned salt, normal food coarse salt. For this purpose the heated iron irons salt layer on paper.

4. Some house masters clean the iron by means of soft drinks of type of Coca-Cola. For this purpose lemonade is filled in in the tank for water then it is necessary to iron old rags at maximum temperature. Do not forget to wash out the tank on the end of procedure.

5. Someone uses citric acid. It needs to be diluted in water, to fill in in the tank, to bring the iron to maximum temperature and to steam unnecessary rag. After it is also necessary to wash out the tank.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team