How to clean the iron with teflon covering

How to clean the iron with teflon covering

Modern irons with teflon covering practically do not need cleaning and permanent care. However quite often we face such problem as emergence of foreign spots on device sole. Today there is big variety of ways of cleaning of the iron which will help to cope without special work with this task.

It is required to you

  • - Pencil for cleaning of the iron,
  • - vinegar,
  • - soap,
  • - soda,
  • - liquid for varnish removal,
  • - hydroperit tablet,
  • - cotton pads, rags, Q-tips.


1. The easiest way of cleaning of sole of the iron from pollution is to have near at hand special pencil which can be bought in any household shop. It is absolutely not so difficult to use it – just heat the iron to the specified temperature and kindle pencil on hot sole. It was necessary only to wipe it with soft cotton rag. However it is worth remembering that on sole of the iron there are openings, do not allow hit in them the melted pencil. Means is absolutely safe in use and does not contain harmful impurity.

2. Heat the iron to maximum temperature. Moisten cotton pad in vinegar and grease iron sole. Accurately wipe openings by means of the Q-tip, the wetted in vinegar. Then take small piece of cotton fabric and carefully iron. The visible result is available – your iron shines purity again.

3. One more way of cleaning of the iron which is desirable for making right after pollution. Heat the household appliance and rub the place of pollution with normal soap. Let's the iron cool down a little, take soft rag, moisten with water and wash away soap from iron sole. From pollution and spots there will be no trace left also.

4. If on sole of the iron the spot from the melted polyethylene was formed, it is easy to get rid of it, having moistened cotton tampon in liquid for removal of varnish and having a little rubbed the place of pollution.

5. For cleaning of the iron use hydroperit tablet. It is better to do it in well aired room or on the balcony, for the purpose of exception of pungent smell. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and carry out by hydroperit tablet on the polluted surface, strong liberation of gas will begin to come from tablet. After that to wipe iron sole with damp rag, having removed parts of tablet and to wipe dry soft matter.

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