How to clean the microwave inside from fat

How to clean the microwave inside from fat

It is difficult for modern person to provide the life without microwave oven. It serves to us as both plate, and oven. But in use in it hard-to-remove greasy spots appear. It is possible to clean the microwave from fat inside, knowing ways of cleaning.


1. The microwave always helps out us in kitchen: by means of it we cook and we warm food, we defreeze products. Frequent use of this device leads to its fast pollution. On internal walls various splashes from foodstuff and hard-to-clean fat spots appear. Of course, it is possible to avoid these pollution, using special caps (covers) for microwaves interfering spraying of food in the furnace. However not all get them or, having bought, not always use.

2. It is not necessary to despair, clean the microwave from fat inside it is possible: there is even not one, and several ways, so-called national recipes. The special detersives intended for these wonderful devices will help to wash the Microwave oven inside. However not all hostesses prefer the chemistry sold in shops. Most of them prefers to use eco-friendly means.

3. One of the simplest ways which will help to get rid of greasy raids – to put the container with normal water about a half of liter in the microwave and to heat it within ten-fifteen minutes, having turned on the oven on the maximum power. After shutdown – wipe internal surfaces with soft rag or sponge. Keep in mind, this way is effective only at easy pollution.

4. In the presence of more difficult spots the last way is recommended, but with use of baking soda – add it in number of three tablespoons to ware with water. Some hostesses replace soda with vinegar (to pour in volume of half-glass) or citric acid (about coffee spoon). In the absence of last resort, it is possible to use the fresh lemon cut on small segments. After above-mentioned means there will be no left no burned dirt, unpleasant smells. Also the most excellent sorbent - the table salt left in cup for the night will help to cope with annoying smells.

5. At strong zapachkannost fat deposits and various remains of dishes sometimes to clean the microwave from fat make-shifts inside happens it is impossible or it turns out not so effectively as it would be desirable. Only in such cases it is necessary to resort to purchased cleaning agents which are provided in supermarkets in huge number for every taste and purse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team