How to clean the teflon iron

How to clean the teflon iron

Even the accuratest housewives can soil sole of the iron and over time the iron can gradually be soiled by deposits of salts. And if to clean the normal iron does not represent any difficulties, then modern irons with specialized teflon coating of sole demand special, careful attitude.

It is required to you

  • - vinegar
  • - ammonia solution
  • - small table salt
  • - paraffin


1. If the iron is soiled only slightly, or just in its nozzles for steam there were small pollution, then take small piece of fabric, strongly wet it and iron it at average heating. Be careful, at the same time a lot of hot steam is emitted.

2. If it has not helped, then try to wipe the polluted places of sole with the cotton pad, the wetted in vinegar. For increase in efficiency of processing it is possible to add a little ammonia solution. The iron at the same time has to be slightly warm.

3. It is possible to clean the teflon iron from scum by means of small table salt. Fill thin layer of salt on fabric and wet it. After that walk on layer slightly warmed iron.

4. The same vinegar is applied to cleaning of the hammered openings for steam. Fill in 4% vinegar solution in capacity for water in the iron, warm the iron and include steam supply at full capacity, liquid will not come to an end yet. After that to propoloskayta clear water iron capacity.

5. If on the surface of the iron artificial fabric or other polymeric material (polyethylene, plastic) has burned - at all do not tear off it by force or by means of sharp objects! Let's the iron cool down and wipe the polluted places with the piece of fabric or cotton pad, the wetted in liquid for varnish removal.

6. If up to the end it is not possible to remove pollution, and the surface of the iron remained rough, then it is possible to clean the teflon iron paraffin. Crush small piece of ordinary paraffin from economic candle, mix it with small table salt, decompose thin layer on piece of pure fabric. Put from above layer of toilet paper or fine fabric. After that iron the turned-out design several times at average temperature (100-120 degrees). Upon termination of clean sole with piece of pure fabric.

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