How to clean the turned yellow fur

How to clean the turned yellow fur

The yellowness on white fur appears because of pigmentation of natural hairs under the influence of heat and sunshine. Completely it is not possible to remove yellowness on products from white fur, but it is possible to try to clean and bleach things by means of simple means.


1. It is possible to clean the turned yellow fur mix of alcohol, the water and vinegar taken in equal proportions. Solution is applied on fur with foam sponge or brush, then wipe product with dry napkin.

2. If zazhiren fur, it is possible to clean it hot wheat or rye bran or flour. Heating in frying pan, them is scattered on fur product and pounded rag from natural fabric. It is possible to rub means both on pile, and against it. Then the used means is collected from fur by brush. The fur coat or coat are well stirred up after that to remove the remains of bran or flour, and well combed out. After that fur is wiped on pile growth with the rag moistened with alcohol allow it to dry and well combed brush.

3. If on collar and cups of fur coat with long pile lumps were formed, these places can be moistened with alcohol, fingers to investigate consolidations, and then it is good to comb fur.

4. For cleaning of white fur use potato starch or semolina. Them pour fur and tinder his hands, kind of erasing. To bleach the turned yellow fur, prepare the following solution – 1 h hydrogen peroxide spoon on glass of water, plus 3-4 drops of ammonia solution. Moisten with this means fur and hang out product in the sun.

5. Try to clean the turned yellow fur in one more way. Take in equal quantities the purified gasoline, for example, for lighters, and potato starch. Do gruel and apply it on white fur in the direction of pile. Leave gruel on product for 30-40 minutes then I delete with brush.

6. Unfortunately, dry-cleaners do not provide services in bleaching of the turned yellow fur as the yellowness of real fur is problem of pigmentation of natural hairs. Therefore, getting such beautiful, but whimsical fur product, you remember that it can lose the esthetics soon. Sometimes, if it is not possible to remove yellowness, the thing should be recoloured.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team