How to clean upholstered furniture in house conditions

How to clean upholstered furniture in house conditions

Even the most prosperous population groups change upholstered furniture extremely seldom what already to speak about those whose prosperity allows to be content with the same set of upholstered furniture not one decade. Unfortunately, our chairs and sofas are sometimes soiled. The small child will climb on sofa put in dirty boots, during festive feast something will spill on expensive upholstery, pets will try - options set. But it is possible to clean upholstered furniture in house conditions, using at the same time the means, most available to any purse.

It is required to you

  • - means for cleaning of carpet surfaces;
  • - basin with water;
  • - foam sponge;
  • - brush for cleaning of carpets;
  • - vacuum cleaner.


1. Moisten places of pollution with warm water by means of foam sponge.

2. To clean upholstered furniture in house conditions, part one cap of cleaning agent in five liters of water and carefully make foam.

3. Apply a little foam on the polluted sites of surface of upholstered furniture. Rub with effort by brush for cleaning of carpets. Make the procedure on other sites of the polluted upholstery.

4. Remove residues of foam foam sponge.

5. In order to avoid spots after drying of surface of upholstery, evenly apply the foam weight which has remained after foaming on all surface of upholstered furniture. Carefully rub upholstery without effort by foam sponge or brush for cleaning of carpets.

6. Remove residues of foam from upholstery surface foam sponge or brush.

7. Moisten sponge in clear water and wipe surface of upholstery of upholstered furniture.

8. Take the vacuum cleaner and properly vacuum the processed surface to reduce amount of moisture on the cleaned surface. If in the room rather warmly and chilly processing by the vacuum cleaner can be cancelled. Otherwise there is risk of rotting of textile parts of upholstered furniture that will lead to its damage.

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