How to clean well without water pumping

How to clean well without water pumping

When using well the issue of water supply of the sites remote from the center water supply system is resolved. But quite often water in well grows turbid and to purify it without pumping rather difficult, but after all it is possible.

Water in well can change color and to become very muddy because of depressurization of seams between reinforced concrete rings. It is possible to purify water in that case without pumping out. It is enough to carry out works on repeated sealing of all joints and seams, and then to let water stand within one week.

If water in well has begun to get greenish shade – it means that there was hit of microscopic seaweed. Without pumping out well, add to water of 5-6 tablets of the chlorine intended for disinfection of potable water. Within several days, water in well will become clear and completely transparent.

The chemical composition of water in well should be controlled systematically. Your health directly depends on quality of potable water.

Natural sorbents also help to cope with water treatment problem in well without pumping out of all contents. Zeolite – natural sorbent of volcanic origin. Lower 5-6 kg of natural zeolite on well bottom, and within several days water in well will completely be purified, will become mirror and transparent. Shungit also differs in high absorbing properties. Several kilograms of the shungit lowered on well bottom will help to eliminate completely dregs, seaweed and impurity of iron. In one week you will be able to use clear water without restrictions again. Cleaning of well without water pumping out is also carried out by means of the special dosing cartridges. Capacity of such cartridges can be different – from 250 to 1000 cc. Inside there is stuffing from chloric lime and calcium of hypochlorite. Specialists of sanitary services recommend to purify systematically water in wells by means of the dosing cartridges. It helps to prevent intestinal infections and to use absolutely clear water which arrives from natural sources.

To prevent turbidity of water in well, you keep it under densely closed cover. For raising of water use net tanks.

The most effective method of cleaning of well is full pumping of water, removal of silt from bottom and repeated filling with further upholding within seven days. If you are going to clean well without pumping, when using chlorine and the dosed cartridges attentively read the instruction from the producer and do not exceed the specified doses.

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