How to clean white bag

How to clean white bag

The white leather or leatherette bag is such elegant, graceful accessory! It has one shortcoming – it is quickly soiled and loses the beauty. Learn to protect easily soiled thing and it is correct to look after it. And if on it there were pollution, then it is possible to clean white bag in different ways.

  • Milk
  • Cotton wool
  • Piece of flannel
  • Egg
  • Care product behind varnish footwear
  • Soda
  • Shoe cream or oil (castoric, vegetable, massage)
  • Soap
  • Sal ammoniac
  • Care product behind leather furniture

1. Clean dirty spots on white bag the cotton tampon moistened in warm cow's milk. In process of pollution of vatu change. There is even more reliable way to give to bag initial beauty. Beat fork egg white and part it in glass of milk. Wipe with this mix bag, periodically moistening flannel rag. The varnish covering after cleaning can be wiped with special care product behind varnish footwear. If to add 5 grams of soda to milk, then this mix will remove luster from sites of bag.

2. Rub bag with transparent shoe cream or oil (children's massage, castoric or sunflower). After that wipe pollution with dry rag. You should not cover spots on handbag with white cream or toothpaste – it will look inaccurately, and will not solve problem with cleaning of product.

3. Try to clean handbag warm water with soap. Add a little ammonia solution to water, and soap choose the children's, removing spots or special for care for leather footwear. Then absolutely wipe with tampon, having moistened it in glycerin or oil. When cleaning do careful smooth movements, it is not necessary to rub gentle skin too strongly. Try that the bag was not wet through! You dry it at the room temperature in the place remote from heating appliances.

4. Use for cleaning of spots on light surface of bag care product behind white leather furniture. Consult with the seller of furniture salon. At first test the acquired liquid or spray on the imperceptible place, and then act according to the instruction. If regularly to process such means leather accessory, then it will be protected from moisture and will be soiled less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team