How to clean white sneakers

How to clean white sneakers

Many of you like to wear sneakers, they not only are very convenient for walking and sports activities, but also do not create load of backbone that cannot be told about shoes. However behind this footwear regular leaving is necessary. And if sneakers have white color, often there is problem of recovery of former whiteness.

It is required to you

  • - Protecting cover,
  • - soap,
  • - toothpaste or soda,
  • - old toothbrush,
  • - lemon,
  • - cotton pads,
  • - tooth-powder.


1. Right after that as you have bought sneakers, it is necessary to take care of protecting cover which can be got practically in each shoe store (wax, oil, silicone spray). At the same time each type of material needs individual type of covering. Apply it on clean footwear before exit to the street. This means will protect your new sneakers from water and dirt.

2. You should not give in to propaganda and to try to wash sneakers in basin or in the washing machine. It is necessary to wash them in cool water, using normal soap or any liquid detergent. You do not dry sneaker in the dryer of the washing machine at all if you, of course, do not want that they have got out of the initial shape and were crumpled. Footwear from nylon needs to be wiped carefully damp fabric and from time to time to apply silicone spray on its surface.

3. If on white sneakers the spot was formed of natural materials, it can be removed without special work. For this purpose you need one of the following means: it can be white toothpaste with effect of bleaching or the gruel prepared from soda with water. Take old toothbrush and accurately rub one of above-mentioned means to the place of pollution. It was necessary only to rinse sneakers clear water or to wipe damp rag.

4. If you the owner of white sneakers from skin, then comes to the rescue of you lemon. It will refresh exterior of the soiled footwear. For this purpose squeeze out small amount of juice of lemon and mix with the same volume of water. Moisten cotton pad in this structure and wipe sneakers, it was necessary only to dry up them in the natural way, without resorting to the help of the heater and battery.

5. If once white sneakers have lost the exterior and color it is not problem, it is possible to cope with it. For a start carefully wash sneakers, remove all dirt and dust, paying special attention to sole. After they dry, it is possible to pass to the second stage. Take tooth-powder and by means of old toothbrush apply it on problem places of sneakers, clean pollution by technical movements. After that it was necessary to rinse footwear clear water if the result has not satisfied you, repeat the procedure. If laces do not wash off, replace them with new, they will give to sneakers new and fresh look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team