How to clean woolen carpet

How to clean woolen carpet

Carpets decorate the dwelling of the person not one thousand years. They bring unique beauty and cosiness in house interior. However being fine dust collectors, carpets without appropriate care begin to lose the primitive beauty. That it did not happen, they need to be cleaned periodically.

It is required to you

  • - the vacuum cleaner washing;
  • - means for cleaning of woolen carpets;
  • - brush with soft bristle.


1. Periodically you carry out dry cleaning of woolen carpet. Once a week you clean carpet the vacuum cleaner with nozzle in the form of soft brush. If at carpet loopback pile, then the brush is not used absolutely. The vacuum cleaner you clean carpet on both sides. Once a year you take out woolen carpet on the street and beat out it. For this purpose hang out it on strong rope or on metal pipe. Beat out until from carpet dust ceases to pour. It is possible to spread carpet directly on snow in the winter. On the street there has to be frost, and snow - dry, friable. Beat out carpet on snow, tapping on it with wooden stick. When tap it on the one hand, transfer it to clean snow. Invert carpet and tap it on the other hand. You do not clean carpet on crude snow at all. In this case it will become wet, and dust in carpet and water will turn into dirt. After that on it there will be dirty spots.

2. Once a month you carry out damp cleaning of woolen carpet. Get for this purpose in shop, trading in household chemicals, special neutral foam-forming shampoo for cleaning of woolen carpets. Wash carpet on both sides. Never rub woolen carpet against pile and do not use rigid brushes for cleaning. Before washing of woolen carpet clean it properly the vacuum cleaner. After the carpet is washed up, hang out it in the fresh air for drying. For this purpose it is necessary to choose favorable day without any precipitations. Never use the cleaning agents which are not intended for this purpose for cleaning of woolen carpets. It can damage both to woolen structure of carpet, and colourful patterns applied on it. Paint can "float".

3. Once in 2-3 years give carpet to the special workshop specializing in cleaning of woolen carpets. Choose such workshop where woolen carpets in turbo mode are purged. Besides, take an interest and make sure that workers of workshop before applying chemicals, will check their interaction with structure of woolen carpet. It is necessary that it has not lost the primitive color. Professional experts will carry out qualitative deep dry-cleaner of product. After such radical cleaning the carpets become as new and for a long time please owners with the beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team