How to close bathtub bottom

How to close bathtub bottom

Bathtubs from cast iron also became much cheaper than the import analogs, however often outside they have not absolutely priglyadny appearance. Communications and legs of the bathroom, spoil impression about room interior. There are many ways to hide them, having improved overall view of the room.

It is required to you

  • - ready screen for the bathroom;
  • - facing materials;
  • - brick.


1. The most widespread way to hide bottom of the bathroom is to use the special screen. It is simple to establish ready design and to remove simply, for example, for repair of drain system. Thanks to availability of adjustable legs and struts the screen with ease rests against bathtub side, against wall and floor that facilitates its installation. It is possible to mount the advanced screen with sliding or oar doors. Such design will allow to use space under the bathroom for storage of different things and to get easy access to communications. Also the screen can be complemented with pull-out boxes and regiments.

2. Along with installation of screens under the bathroom quite often mount capital design. For its creation use plywood, moisture resistant gypsum cardboard or brick. The basis is revetted with mosaic, tile, artificial stone or the PVC panels. The main lack of the deaf of design is that in case of accident it is necessary to destroy it partially or completely. That is why it is necessary to leave when mounting the deaf screen in it open aperture of the sufficient size. This window can be closed special door which will be imperceptible if to revet it with the same material, as basis. Sometimes it is necessary to stand near the bathroom, carrying out its cleaning, washing or washing of footwear and various tanks. That legs did not rest against the screen, leave for them small niche, having made part of the screen of inclined plane.

3. For production of design from gypsum cardboard or MDF first of all mount framework from metal or wooden guides and racks. At the same time consider thickness of plate, tiled glue and tile. The pasted leaf or tile have to go level with side of bathtub or to be slightly "drowned" under it.

4. Now such option of finishing of bottom of the bathroom as creation of podium is more often used. For mounting the brick capable to sustain the weight of the filled bathtub is used. Revet it with tile or mosaic. If as finishing material you have decided to use tree, process it the special structures providing moisture resistance.

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